Bushbuddy Affiliate Program

Bushbuddy is the original lightweight wood stove--the one stove that made people realize that wood fuel was even an option.

Bushbuddy customers are the most responsible, morally upright, and passionate adventurers out there. Our stoves are used throughout nearly the entire world, including at the McMurdo Station in Antarctica, no joke.

Becoming a Bushbuddy Affiliate

We want to team up with honest creators, people, non-people, and businesses that share values with us and our customers.

By being our affiliate, you are helping Bushbuddy reach a broader audience and allowing us to compete in today's marketplace. Most importantly, you'll make us very happy and we'll make a wall plaque in your honor :)

Highlights of the Bushbuddy Affiliate Program (in case you're not convinced yet):

  • Competitive commission rates
  • 30-day cookies (chocolate chip)
  • Free shipping on all US orders and low cost international shipping
  • Lifetime warranty on all Bushbuddy products
  • Unmatched customer service and email response time (sleep is overrated)

Our program is simple:

  1. Fill out an application. Yes, you have to enter correct information or we'll think you're a spammer. Sorry to be so mean :(
  2. If approved, post a bushbuddystove.com link on your site, social media, or YouTube pages.
  3. Earn commission when your viewers purchase from us using your link.
  4. Use the earned commissions to buy something nice--win! :)

Be sure to send us an email at info@bushbuddystove.com if you have any questions.