CURRENT LEAD TIME: Temporarily closed until we catch up on existing orders.


At Bushbuddy, community and integrity is always the most important aspect of business to us. We are an adaptive manufacturing facility and due to the COVID-19 outbreak and extreme shortage of personal protective equipment, we have responded to a call to action to reallocate half of our facility to the manufacturing of such equipment.

You will notice that on our product pages. We have been supplying parts and equipment at-cost (technically, at a loss after taxes because we are not set up as a non-profit) to hospitals and end-users alike both domestically and globally.

We are working around the clock 14-18 hour days with our machines running 24/7. 

Please be assured that stove orders are still continuously being produced and shipped out. We only ask you to be patient with any delays and missed lead times. Our logistics and inbound shipments of raw materials have been delayed and inconsistent. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email us at any time, we appreciate any and all human interaction, kindness, and support right now!