Bushbuddy Stove Seconds

Regular price $ 110.00 Sale price $ 75.00

Once in a while, we get a bad day and end up making parts that are less than perfect. These stoves are cosmetically imperfect and function just the same as a full-priced version. Some examples:

  • Non-structural dents and cracks
  • Firebox holes drilled too close together
  • Demonstration/test-fired

All Bushbuddy stoves, including seconds, are covered by our limited lifetime warranty against material and craftsmanship defects.

Wait times: Wait times for seconds are a little bit different. Sometimes we have seconds available as finished stoves and sometimes we only have seconds parts to put them together. For this reason, our lead time still is shared with our new stoves---4 weeks. However, sometimes they may ship immediately if finished stoves are available. Please email us for further information.

Seconds are extremely limited in quantity so get them while you can!